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. . . the real distinction for financial advisors is not MaxiFi’s cost-effective price point, but its potential to frame the entire financial planning conversation differently – around the long-term impact of a client’s decisions on their long-term sustainable standard of living, instead of “just” their assets.

Michael Kitces

Nerds Eye View

I’ve used ESPlanner since its earliest days and recently tried MaxiFi. The user experience is dramatically improved. Despite the fact that I probably spend as much time planning my own retirement as anyone, MaxiFi recommended that I slightly tweak my Social Security claiming strategy and make a change to withdrawal order that resulted in an increase in lifetime consumption. I believe there may even be a better withdrawal strategy and MaxiFi will help me test that theory. I’m a fan!

—Dirk Cotton Author

The Retirement Cafe blog

MaxiFi is the next generation. MaxiFi’s dynamic programming provides the most accurate forecasts and projections of any financial planning product I’ve seen and is essential to our ability to deliver accurate financial advice. The Monte Carlo approach is uniquely theoretically sound, providing guidance about the impact of different investment outcomes on spending decisions. The web-based user interface is clean and intuitive. The program is stable and there is excellent technical support. Since our founding in 2002, using this product and its predecessor for financial planning, we’ve delivered hundreds of financial plans and our clients find our financial advice persuasive and compelling

Rick Miller

PhD, CFP®, Founder and CEO, Sensible Financial Planning and Management, LLC, Cambridge, MA

As a financial planner, I’ve tried all of the traditional financial planning programs. MaxiFi beats them all because it focuses on what matters most – annual sustainable spending throughout your lifetime. I used ESPlanner for many years, and now MaxiFi is my new “go to” financial planning program. MaxiFi has a great user interface, some really cool living standard maximization features, and a Monte Carlo analysis that is much more useful than traditional Monte Carlo. MaxiFi allows me to answer all of my client’s financial questions with confidence. Use MaxiFi only if you want to take control of your life and start making smarter financial decisions.

Rick Spillane

Spillane Financial Planning, Inc. North Reading, MA

My business is focused on helping my clients discover a sustainable, inflation-adjusted retirement income. After using a variety of planning programs I became so frustrated with their complexity, cost and unsatisfactory results that I created my own utilizing a funding ratio calculation similar to that used by pension plans as well as a Monte Carlo simulation. It wasn't fancy but it worked.

Then I discovered MaxiFi. Not only is it easy to use, it provides sound solutions to the challenge advisors face when stretching a finite amount of retirement resources (money) over a retirement that can last up to 30 years.

Professor Kotlikoff has really raised the standards of retirement planning with his innovative way of determining an income level based on each year's potential returns. It's a real game changer for those of us who have relied on the usual Monte Carlo simulations. MaxiFi helps the advisor educate clients and show graphically how incomes can change based on the rate of return over a long period of time and at the same time discover a sustainable, inflation-adjusted income a retiree can rely upon. Kudos to Professor Kotlikoff for his pioneering work in the field of retirement planning.

Lane Ginsberg

RICP® Greenville, SC

Great product . . . just a week in and have entered all my base info. Was impressed that it handled the Government WEP and matched the SS website calculation, which my other financial planner couldn't do. Nice upgrade from my previous version of your software, which I lobbied Larry to update a few years ago. Also gave clearer instructions for my wife (also WEP) to just wait to file rather than file/suspend for maybe a few bucks. Simplicity is often overlooked, and under-weighted, in advice.

Ken Schipp

Alexandria, VA

In a word - Great! The combination of an extraordinary Economist with an accomplished Financial Planner produced the best webinar with the most useful info I’ve enjoyed in my 40 years of listening to others; I’ve been a user of Maxifi for about a year now. I learned capabilities I did not know were there.


Webinar participant

Maxifi is great! I also appreciate their ethics in not making customers do auto pay. Maxifi helped us make the right decision.

Mar, Retired Teacher


I am nearing retirement from Boston University and have been using the MaxiFi Planner for about a year. I am no technical whiz by a long shot, but I find this program easy to use and actually a lot of fun to do. One can look at a number of different scenarios, and learn how to maximize resources and compare a wide variety of options. I believe my husband and I will enjoy a much better retirement without worry because of this program. If we should both live long lives, I can easily see that we will gain tens of thousands of dollars in income over the course of our retirement by applying just one or two maximization principles. And even in the short term, we should be able to spend more in early retirement than I had thought possible and still remain secure in our old age. Thank you so much for designing this excellent program!

Ruth Mason

Director, Engineering Divisions Boston University

I think the Maxifi program is great because it allows you to see "What if" scenarios vs the Maxifi guys' scenarios. The software is very smart. It helps you plan and get visuals and graphs and tables of what the financial future actually looks like depending on the decisions you make.


M.V. Phoenix, AZ

I recently had the opportunity to use Financial Engines--I think MaxiFi is a vastly better product.

Fredric G.


A sincere thanks for all the hard work from your team. I can't give you guys enough kudo's for the valuable support you provide to those in need at a fair price. I read one comment from a customer of yours who said he tries to get some of his friends to try it but they can't see the $100 value for 1 year. They need to have their head examined. They could be blowing by thousands of dollars with improper planning, for what, to save $100? Short sighted if you ask me. Larry's get what's your social security book is how I found you guys. Sure glad I did. Best money I've spent (besides buying my wife's wedding ring). :)

Malcolm Hebert

Oceanside, CA

Maxifi Planner is great. The genius is in its simplicity.

Thomas Wheeler M.D.

Cardiologist Fredericksburg, Va

I have found the software easy to use and have created eight or nine scenarios. It has been well worth the money in our retirement planning. I will recommend it to our children as a way to get started planning more effectively.

David S.

Pastor, Columbia, MD

GREAT Product!! I track my finances in Quicken and have been using their Lifetime Planner. The MaxiFi planner technique with smoothing out income to provide the greatest payouts and maximum savings for spending is a real blessing and provides better practical information to follow during retirement than what Quicken provides. MaxiFi also considers Social Security where Quicken does not.

Phil Dommer

Retired IT Professional Developer/Analyst

​I came across your financial planning software after years of frustration working with financial planners. Those programs are worse than useless. But your software is amazing! It’s easy to use and so rational/clear in how it is designed – obviously designed by an economist! I love that the program tells you what you can spend. So simple. I feel like we finally have our arms around retirement planning.

Emily Gilde

Chief Actuary, Ethos

MaxiFi Planner is a powerful tool that projects a consistent discretionary spending budget, even with inconsistent income. This really helps my clients see how to transition to retirement, and with confidence. It’s very robust and accounts for Social Security, taxes, retirement account withdrawals, real estate, and much more. The staff is very knowledgeable and always responsive. Outstanding product.

Julie Price

Financial Planner, Juniper Investments & Financial Planning, A Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC. User since 2013

I love MaxiFi! Having the ability to run limitless scenarios minimizes the guesswork of long-term planning.

Harvey Johnson

Senior Manager Cyber Engineering, Woodbridge,Virginia

MaxiFi is obviously very thorough and considers many variables simultaneously. Given how complex things have become (taxes, investments, etc.), having a tool like this is indispensable.

Michelle Prengle

CPA, temporarily residing in Japan

I find MaxiFi Planner to be extremely helpful. It enables me to input a great level of detail regarding our current situation, and is then easy to use in generating very valuable and insightful future scenarios. And you keep it current with respect new laws, and providing upgraded features. Keep up the great work!

Bob M., PhD

Retired Mathematician, New Orleans, LA

I needed to quickly find and use some cash-based financial planning software to make a major financial decision. After checking around, I settled on trying ESPlanner or MaxiFi. I tried MaxiFi. Great software tool and great support, even on the weekends. Now I see why you have the great testimonials on your website.

E. Bauman

Research Manager, Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you so much for your fantastic support and prompt replies. I think your product is phenomenal and has given me peace of mind in my look into the future for my retirement. I have already recommended it to several others.

Michael S., MD

Physician, Los Angeles, CA

I have run four scenarios since I purchased MaxiFi one week ago and the program is very impressive. It is pretty easy to use, allows a lot of tailoring of inputs, gives good help tips and has calculating power above and beyond what I will ever put together.

Michael B.

Retiree, Silver Spring, MD

MaxiFi Planner is a simple and elegant solution for financial advisors seeking to advise clients or for unadvised investors looking to optimize their own plan.

Gil Weinreich

Seeking Alpha

I finally got around to running my first plan on MaxiFi. You guys have done an outstanding job! The browser interface is easy-to-use and flexible, greatly simplifying data entry. The explanatory notes throughout are very useful as are the maximization functions with flexible assumptions. I’ve spent many hours over the years satisfying myself as to the accuracy of calculations in ESPlanner. I’ve grown to have complete confidence in ESPlanner, which translates into complete confidence in MaxiFi since they share the same computation engine. Congratulations on a fine product.

David Fuhrman, CFA, CFP

National Wealth Management, LLC, Florham Park, NJ

Great help. Thanks! I really like your software. I have an Excel model I've developed over the last few years but this is SO much easier.

Charles C.

Real Estate Development, Franklin, TN

MaxiFi helps answer the question that everyone asks - "Will I have enough money to live on?" It defines "live on" as discretionary spending and that is where the advisor can help the client by making sure that the non-discretionary amount is more inclusive than simple housing costs. Most of my clientele do not want glitz and glamor but want something that they can understand. This fits the bill and is a great arrow in our quiver of tools.

Morris Armstrong, EA

Armstrong Financial Strategies, Cheshire, CT

Very easy to follow and to find what I want. I like the ease of access to the information on the fly.

Nancy S.

Actress and retired from Human Services, Oceanside, CA

Congrats to Economic Security Planning on launching I'm loving it. You folks are true pioneers, and I applaud all that you do.

Drew Boyd

Executive Director, Associate Professor of Marketing and Innovation Carl H. Lindner College of Business

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