MaxiFi Planner is Economic Security Planner's next generation software built on the famed ESPlanner platform. Here's what the press has to say about our software.


Holistic Planner for Your Financial Future

MaxiFi Planner takes on the role of a financial planner to help you live your best life. It takes into account your entire financial picture and calculates what your retirement will look like with several scenarios

Countdown to Retirement: A Five-Year Plan

With MaxiFi, it's easy to run an almost endless series of what-if scenarios to see how they would affect your retirement income and spending.

My Preferred Planning Software is MaxiFi

I rarely promote products at my blog but I know that many of my readers are do-it-yourselfers and many have expressed interest in software tools. I have a lot of confidence in MaxiFi.

This economist thinks the US is poised for financial disaster

Professor Kotlikoff's Economic Security Plannings Inc.'s tools include MaxiFi, which works to analyze your spending, saving and insurance to make sure they match your lifestyle and level of wealth. It also looks at other ways to increase the money you take in through Social Security, annuities or retirement savings.

Financial Planning Tools

If you demand the deepest and most powerful financial planning engine, look no further.

Going it Alone with Retirement Planning Software

The best and most comprehensive retirement planning software . . . is Laurence Kotlikoff's

Financial Planning vs. Chaos

MaxiFi Planner is a simple and elegant solution for financial advisors seeking to advise clients or for unadvised investors looking to optimize their own plan.

The Hidden Risks of Equities When Saving for Retirement

Optimization means getting the most consumption for a given amount of variability, but not eliminating variability.

The Latest In Financial Advisor #FinTech

Though ultimately, the real distinction for financial advisors is not MaxiFi’s cost-effective price point, but its potential to frame the entire financial planning conversation differently—around the long-term impact of a client’s decisions on their long-term sustainable standard of living, instead of “just” their assets.

Best Money Management Programs in 2019

MaxiFi will also make suggestions to help improve your money plan. These changes are intended to lower your tax bill, optimize your income and help correct your current spending habits.

IBD life cycle

ESPlanner's [now known as MaxiFI Planner] life-cycle smoothing determines the highest possible living standard you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Laurence Kotlikoff, author

Our President, Laurence Kotlikoff, is a Professor of Economics at Boston University. He founded Economic Security Planning, Inc. in 1993 to build economics-based financial planning tools for use by households and financial professionals. Kotlikoff is a prolific writer whose financial planning columns, including his Ask Larry blog, have appeared in a long list of leading publications. His co-authored book, "Get What's Yours -- The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security Benefits, was a NY Times Best Seller."

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